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"Only the Insane Equate Pain With Success:
Knives Stone. I'm a career criminal. Indeed, my name is my hobby. There's always a knife within reach of my hand. International Street Racing Champion. Newspapers do have a habit of naming their most dangerous criminals, don't they? Silly things. I make people disappear. Been doing it for a long time, so I'm good at what I do. Behave. If you're not entertaining, I might just have to make you smile, the Glasgow way. M!A - None (Knives is an OC. FC is Evangeline Lilly. Will rp with everyone!:)

[Post Office Thread]

Knives grabbed the map off the counter, swinging her jacket over her arm, and heading out of the apartment. She’d made sure that this was after hours - nobody was going to be in the building, -but the chaos it would cause would be huge.

She smiled to herself, this was going to be a fun afternoon. She texted, “Meet you at the park.” It was the park that they always met at.

Tapping her fingers on the steering wheel, she put her car into gear, screeching out of the parking lot, and onto the highway. The man behind her, tried to pass her, and she swerved back and forth blocking him from passing. She pulled off to the side, to let him go beside her. “Bitch!” He yelled, flipping her the finger. She swerved the car over a bit, scratching his paint. “Have fun, fucker!” She yelled back, swerving in front of him, causing him to swing onto the gravel shoulder of the road.

Speeding ahead of him, she pulled into the parking lot. Now to find Jim.

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